What's important to you?

Your Top Values

The results of your Values Exercise are below. Bookmark this page, or print out the results using your browser’s print function.

How to Use This Information: 

  1. Review the results for the categories below. The categories should provide you with direction and weight as you review the individual values. 
  2. Below the categories, you will find the values you rated as Always Valued. Rank the values from most important to least. Capture your top five values. Put them in a place where you can refer to them often. 
  3. Spend time in reflection. Write down your answers to the questions at the bottom of this page. 
  4. Do you want to talk to someone about your values? Schedule a complimentary coaching call today.   

Step 1: Review the Category Results

Values fall into six overarching categories:

  • Social Responsibility: Work and cooperate with others for the good of society at large.
  • Mastery: Achieving. Individual pursuits. Status, power, and positions.
  • Self-Development: The pursuit of challenge, creativity, and self-realization.
  • Relationships: Interpersonal. Working with others. Helping. Shared experiences. Being part of a group or team.
  • Continuity: Enduring qualities. Traditions. Knowing where things fit.
  • Lifestyle: Personal choices and style. Ways of being in the world.

Below are your ratings by categories.

Notice which categories hold the most weight for you right now. 

QSM Chart Category

Your Written Answers to Category Questions

As you took the What Do You Value self-assessment, you were asked which values were most critical and why. Here are your answers. 

QSM Chart Written Answers

Step 2: Select Your Top Five Values

Below are the values that you rated as “Always Valued.”

  • From this list, rank the values from most important to least.
  • Identify your top five values.
  • Write them down.  Place them somewhere so that you can see them every day. 
QSM Chart Questions of Answer

Step 3: Answer These Questions:

Spend time quietly reflecting on your top values. Write your answers to these questions. 
  1. What is important to me? What do I stand for? 
  2. Which values am I most proud of? 
  3. Which values are most easily demonstrated? 
  4. What behaviors demonstrate my commitments to my values? 
  5. Which behaviors need to be eliminated as a commitment to my values? 
  6. How will my values inform my work? 

Step 4: Ask for Help

Do you want to talk to someone about your values? Schedule a complimentary coaching call today.  

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