Thrive in life. Connect with others. Contribute to the World.

Results: Thrive. Connect. Contribute

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Here are your results from the Thrive. Connect. Contribute self-assessment. Bookmark this page, or print out the results using your browser’s print function.

Your overall score is at the top. It indicates the average of all three categories and ten domains. 

For each individual domain, Scores from 0% to 25% indicate that you are struggling. Scores from 25% to 50% indicate areas of frustration. Between 50% and 75%, you are achieving success. Greater than 75% indicates that you are near your personal best.

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Here are your results

QSM Chart

Now What?

Be sure to bookmark or print this page for your records. 

Spend time reflecting on your scores. Ask yourself these questions.

  1. How long have I been ignoring low-scoring domains? 
  2. Could there be long-term consequences if I don’t spend time on some domains? 
  3. Am I in a season where I need to prioritize one domain over the others?
  4. Which one or two domains need the most attention right now? 
  5. For each high-priority domain, ask yourself these questions: On a scale of 1% to 100% where do I want to be? Where am I now? What will it take to get to my goal? What specific actions can I schedule to boost my score in these domains? 

When you have answered these questions, go to your calendar and block time to focus on your priority domains. 

Need help thinking about your priorities? Schedule a complimentary call to discuss your self-assessment and talk about your goals.

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