Welcome to your Startup Readiness Self-Assessment.

You are not the first social entrepreneur to start a business. Others have been here before you. Success leaves clues. Based on hundreds of interviews with successful social entrepreneurs, we created this startup readiness roadmap and self-assessment.

Startup Readiness Roadmap



Activities > Milestones > Focus Areas > Stages

Use this self-assessment to find your place on the Startup Readiness Roadmap.

There are key milestones on the map, such as Problem Exploration or Solution Exploration. The milestones are accomplished through a series of activities. The quiz will ask you true/false questions about the activities.

Because you can't do everything at once, the map is divided into three stages:

  • Design - You are validating your idea and building your product. You are talking to potential users about your idea.
  • Develop - You have built a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and talked to early customers. As you gain feedback from actual users, you are iterating.
  • Grow - You have a product with many active users. You are working on growing users, sales, revenue, and profit.


Each Stage has four Focus areas:

  • Leadership - Leadership starts with you. What are your values, vision, and purpose? Then, leadership moves from me to we - what are our shared values and vision?
  • Market - Every business solves a problem for a customer. But who has the problem? How big is the problem? How urgent? Why has the problem persisted?
  • Product - To solve customers' problems, you develop a value proposition. What’s your product or service? How are you different? What’s your unique selling proposition?
  • Finance - Every business has to grow profitably and sustainably. How do you sustain your business? How do you generate revenue? How do you keep more of the money you make? What’s your business model?


At the end of the assessment, you will receive a score for each Milestone. You will want to print this score for your records.

We will also email your results to you.

And, you'll have the opportunity to sign up for a complimentary strategy call to discuss your idea. Let's get started.

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