What skills do you need to start and grow a business? What are your strengths? What are your skills gaps? If you needed to outsource, hire, or partner with others, what skills would you look for?

This Entrepreneurship Skills Self-Assessment will help you to find your key skills and identify your skills gaps.

You will assess yourself in seven functional skills areas:

  • Strategy and Tactics: General business planning skills
  • Design: Aesthetics, usability, and experience
  • Marketing: Messaging, writing, design
  • Sales: Closing customers
  • Financials: Financial projections & accounting
  • Fundraising: Raising external capital
  • Operations: Day-to-Day management. Recruiting.

For each skill, you will rate yourself on a 0-7 scale:

  • No ability
  • Please don’t make me
  • Uncomfortable
  • Manage to do it
  • Some experience
  • Comfortable
  • Highly experienced
  • Expert. Can teach to others
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Get My Weekly tips on how to get ahead