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How do You Shift a Culture?

You want to start a business that does social good. But how? What are the steps to start and grow a social enterprise? 

We are leadership development experts who empower you to shift the culture. We provide coaching and consulting to help you create change. 

We produce podcasts that make an impact:  

  • On Social Entrepreneur, we share positive stories from underrepresented voices, focused on solutions. Social Entrepreneur is downloaded more than half a million times in over 180 countries. 
  • On Thrive. Connect. Contribute. we share stories of resilience. Our guests have learned to thrive in life, connect with others, and contribute to the world in the face of adversity. 
  • And on Antiracist Voter, we focus on criminal justice, economic justice, environmental justice, education, housing, health, immigration, and voting rights. 

And, we provide resources such as speakers and books. Ready to get started? Get in touch.

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