Doing what you've always done isn't getting you what you want

Mind the Gap in your thinking

As a compassionate person, you are motivated to make a difference. You see something right in the world and you are inspired to join in. Or you see something deeply wrong and you're moved to act.

But between compassion and change, there's a big gap. You've felt it. You dream of making an impact in the world. But the reality is, you're not making the kind of difference that you want to make. There's a gap

You've tried to close the gap before. You attended meetings. You joined online groups. You donated money. Maybe you even tried to launch your own social enterprise. But the gap remains between where you are and the life you dream of leading - a life of significance and social impact.

What is the cost of doing nothing? What suffering will continue? Whose life will be dimmer? You have a gift to give the world. The world is waiting, but only if you try something you have not tried in the past.

Make a Dollar and a Difference

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Hi. I'm Tony Loyd. I have been a freelancer, an intrepreneur and an entrepreneur. I have held leadership positions with Fortune 500 companies. My job titles included Global Head of Learning & Development, Director of Global Leadership & Talent Development and Vice President, Organization & Team Effectiveness.

Today, I am the founder of Culture Shift Companies and the Chief Learning Officer at Culture Shift Learning Academy. I am also the Executive Producer of the highly-rated podcast, Social Entrepreneur.

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